Heroes of the Storm Workout Routine

BicepsDo you want biceps like Baleog? Abs like Sonya or perhaps a firm behind like Kerrigan? Time to start following the HOTS workout plan below.

Like most parents I have very limited me time. Whenever I magically happen upon some me-time. I have to chose between gaming and all the other things I want to do. Working out is not very high on that list, but I do want to get back in shape after my pregnancy. But what if I didn’t have to chose between gaming and gym-ing? What is I could workout while playing video games?

Turns out I can and so can you! In fact if you are playing as much HoTS as me and your skill level isn’t sky-high you will be in amazing shape before long! The trick is simple. Instead of sitting pounding your head in the table every time you die, use the time efficiently by doing some exercise.

The respawn time at low levels is very short so the first exercises are tailored to get you back in battle again as soon as the timer is up. If you however don’t die until the timer reaches 30-60 seconds you can just skip to the 4th death and start from there.

Should you die more than 10 times, start from scratch, but add another 5 to the amount so 15 squats, 15 sit ups, 15 push ups, the skip to 15 burpees and 30 scissor jumps. You shouldn’t die more than that as at this point you are probably going to do everything you can in order to stay alive and avoid another round of torture.. I mean exercise.

Finally if you are in great shape or a HoTS pro you can skip the recommended number and instead just do as many as you can before the respawn timer is up.

Okay no further blabber. Here is the workout routine I follow.


Heroes of the Storm Workout Routine

Doing this makes playing HoTS a win/win scenario whether you win or lose. So if your squad is not up to scratch at least soon your squats will be!

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