Casual Games for Hardcore Gamers #2

Defenders Quest1

The second game I will recommend for parents with too little game time is Defender’s Quest. Before I start talking about the game, let me just say that I have spent waaaaay too much time on playing Bloons, Kingdom Rush and other tower defense games. That being said, there is something incredibly zen over managing towers and ever increasing rows of enemies. With that in mind it shouldn’t be too surprising that Defender’s Quest is a tower defense game, but it is one that has some depth to it.

You play as a girl who throughout her travels meet different allies which can be deployed to protect her against the waves of evil. You get to level up the different party members and even equip them with different pieces of equipment. Your own character also levels up  and both you and your troops get different skills depending on how you place your points. There is also a story, but I have never actually paid attention. It may be good and it may not be good, for me a story in a Tower Defense game is kinda pointless, but let me know if you have played and have an opinion on the story! 🙂

You fight your way across a map and each encounter spots has several difficulty levels. This combined with the fact that there are a lot of locations on the map and that you are likely to be interrupted 3 times per wave by your tiny favourite geek  means that there are many, many hours worth of game time in Defender’s Quest.

But enough chitter chatter. Let’s see how Defender’s Quest lives up to the 3 main criteria for new parents.

Defenders Quest

Quick sessions

Check! You can up the speed to 4 times normal so as long as you don’t spend too much time deciding how to place your troops, you should be able to get one or two encounters done before you need to go check on your little sleeping monster.



Yes, and because Level Up Labs who created Defender’s Quest has not put a silly DRM on so you have to connect to their servers to play, you don’t return to a disconnect screen after having rocked your baby back to sleep. Thumbs up LUL! 🙂



Since it is a single player game, it is not a problem to leave it alone for a couple of weeks, or months or years and then get back to it when the urge for a bit of casual skeleton zapping hits you. I have owned the game for months now, logged 16 hours and still not completed the game. I may or may not have been present at the screen during the majority of those hours, but really, there’s tons of content in DQ for the price!


So that’s it. I definitely recommend Defender’s Quest if you like Tower Defense games. I picked my copy up for 10 euro on Steam or you can get it here for 15 dollar. There is even a demo so you can test the game before you jump in.

Let me know what you think and feel free to share your favourite Tower Defense game with us! 🙂

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