Casual Games for Hardcore Gamers #1

Hearthstone Card Back
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Unless you have lived in a place with no electricity you have probably heard about Blizzards online TCG which went live last friday.It is the first one on my list of games that can be played when you have a child under 1. The reason it is on the list is because like most of Blizzards other games it is absolutely stellar.

The gameplay is simple. You create a deck of 30 cards and then start battling other players. While you play you unlock cards and you also earn gold which can be spent on booster packs or a shot at the arena where you play a simplified version of draft play. (For those not familiar with Magic the Gathering lingo, draft very simplified means that you pick a card out of a booster pack and then pass the pack to the next person in the group. You continue until you have your deck created. In Hearthstone you pick between 3 cards 30 times to create your arena deck).

Sure hearthstone has some issues. For people used to MTG it can feel a bit too simplified especially because with the limited number of cards currently in the game there aren’t that many different strategies to go for, but this will of course get a lot better with time as more cards are introduced.

For what it is, it is amazing and the best part is that it is a game that allows you to have a 20 minutes game sessions and that is about the same length of time as my daughters naps.


Quick sessions

Yes. You can usually finish one match in 15 minutes provided your opponent is not chasing their own mini geek.


You can’t pause Hearthstone and that is probably the only drawback with the game. Even when playing against your own friends the timer will start ticking if you are gone for too long. I advice doing Arena matches either when your little one is sound a sleep or when you partner can take care of your child for at least 20 minutes.

Hiabernatable (yes I made that up!)

Hearthstone is great because it can be put down and picked up days, weeks or months later. You can have 3 quests at a time (you earn gold by completing quests), but even if you have 3 and don’t complete one, one day you will not be punished as you will get the extra one when you complete a quest next. )I don’t know how long you can push this for, but at least it works for the next day.)

In conclusion, Hearthstone is a great casual game and in the future when more cards are added I think it will be even better. And the best part is it will be out on iPad at some point which means you can have an uninterrupted card battle with your significant other on your commutes to work (provided you are not the driver of course, keep your eyes on the road folks!)

You can download and play Hearthstone for free here: EU/US.  Enjoy!

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