8 things only gamer girls will understand the true annoyance of

Angry GamerI mainly play with friends I know IRL or friends of those friends and it is usually a good way to avoid douchebags, but once in a while you still run into them, whether it is in a random game of LoL or a pick up group in WoW. And it is always the same thing, you are chattering away, having fun with the group until someone decides to genderbase the discussion and that is where things starts to get really annoying for most girls. Here is a list of things where only gamer girls can really understand the level of annoyance it can create.


The question “Are you a girl in real life?”

If you have ever been on the receiving end of this question, you will know how frustrating these 7 words are. Because it is not normal curiosity which usually sparks this question. The question has an agenda and either it means: “Please tell me so I know whether to invite you to raids or not. I don’t want to have our attempts ruined by a girl and it would be because they can’t play properly” Or it means: “Please tell me so I can sit here and get aroused every time I see you log on.”

There are of course players out there who are genuinely interested in other people and just want to know all sorts of things about them and you guys are cool, but then again, you wouldn’t use this sentence as the second thing you ever throw at us! 🙂


People who think that your raidspot/gear/money has all been given to you because you are a girl

Oh for the love of every gnome in Gnomeregan if I had a legendary item for every time someone has insinuated this I would be fully decked and in need or more bank slots. Fact of the matter is, I love grinding. I find it Zen to slap on a movie on one screen and just grind away in whatever game I am currently lost in on the other.

Gold/Coins/Credits or whatever they are called in my current game addiction is my high score and I love seeing it go up. Sure I have accepted gifts in games before, but never from random strangers who wants to get in my pants. It has been from friends who wanted to help me out, give me a headstart and you know what? I have done the same to them! Woah imagine that, friends helping each other out regardless of gender…

This particular point really pisses me off, because as long as people believe this to be true, they will of course not invite me to their raidgroups as in their mind I am not even a proficient enough gamer to get my own shit.


Players who give you stuff just because you are a girl

Ah but this ties nicely into the point above. Why oh why would you give stuff to a random stranger on the Internet just because that particular stranger has boobs? If you go around and give handouts to every person that cross your way, then props to you and then you should be pissed about this point as well, because the people who only do it to get in mine and fellow female gamers digital pants are making us all suspicious of your friendly gesture. Shame on them and good on you for being a better person than the majority!


Or who only talk to you because you are a girl

I mean come on now. If your only criteria for finding me interesting is that I have to sit down to pee then your standards are so low that you are either incredibly socially awkward or you look like a beholder with the personality to match. Either way you and I are not going to happen!


Males who play female characters because “if they have to stare at an ass for several hours each day, it better be hot. Hahahahahaaaaa” >.<

If you are a male and you play a female character because you want to roleplay, because you think it looks cooler or because you wanted to try something new for a change then more power to you. I am not against men playing females or women playing males or anything in between. But I do have a problem with the reason in bold because of several things. First of this “joke” is ooooooold…. I heard it the first time when I played Star Wars Galaxies back in 2003, if sexism in the gaming culture has not gotten further since then, then does it not deserve to die? Secondly I have met many guys who genuinely believed that all men were superior to women when it comes to gaming, and yet apparently men are spending most of their game time looking at pixelated patooties. No wonder pick up groups wipe so often.


Every person I have ever met who thought my boyfriend introduced me to gaming

You know what? I started gaming on the C64 in 1986. I am 31 today. You do the math… No wait let me help you! Either I was very early in my romantic conquests or maybe, just maybe my parents introduced me to my favorite hobby?

Yes all my long term boyfriends have been into gaming, but that is likely the reason those relationships lasted more than a couple of weeks, because gaming is something that is very important to me and I would not be able to live with someone who didn’t understand the importance of raid nights.


Anyone who gets more upset because they were killed by a girl

You know what? The fact that I fragged you does not make me lucky, nor does it make you any worse than you already were it simply means that I was better than you. You know what else? Just because you shoot me does not make me suck. Maybe I do suck, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I am a girl and everything to do with the fact that I don’t practice FPS games multiple hours a day.

Oh and if I shoot you every time we face each other, then you do suck because I haven’t touched an FPS game in 10 years, but you know what? I was pretty decent back then so I would probably get you once or twice even if you don’t suck.


But the most annoying thing of all is that even though some of us have played computer games since C64 or even earlier, games for girls/women are still mostly like this sigh….

I admit it, I enjoy Harvest Moon more than Mario, but I also enjoy RPGs way more than a Make Up game, but that is not really the point. My point is, why is there even a website with the title Games for Girls? And why are the games that apparently is for girls void of depth and content? It also confuses me that we want to divide games into his and hers. All boys or girl schools stand as something completely archaic in my mind, but in the digital world we are apparently applying these old fashioned beliefs. Imagine if the genders interacted and played together ufffff!

There will be some reading this who will want to tell me that I am exaggerating or that I am an uptight feminist who needs to lighten up and you know what. I dedicate the secret 9th spot on the list to you! To everyone else please write in the comment section if I left something out and if you are one of those wonderful men who will game with me as an equal, then I am sorry if you feel I generalized, I know you are out there, I surround myself with people like that and call them my friends! 🙂



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