The Geeky Mom

Life changes drastically when you become a mom. Here I am retelling the tale of parenthood seen through a geeky lens. The big question I asked when I was expecting was, will I still have time to enjoy my nerdy hobbies when I suddenly have to help a complete newbie level up? Yes is the answer, but you have to schedule your geek time and you will have to accept that there will be days where gaming, geeking and great comic books takes a backseat because your main focus will be sleep.

Whether you have a baby already or you are just a geek wondering how life will be when you have one, I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences.


Trials and Tribulations of a non closet geek

Today I learned a new term. “Closet Geek”. Apparently there are some people who are so embarrassed that they enjoy reading/watching stories about elves and dragons that they will keep this secret from everyone except their partners in crime. Imagine that! Instead of owning up to having spent their Saturday and...Read More »

Me, me, me, me! A rant about individualism in gaming and real life

At least I got on the train! Lalalalala, I can’t hear you over the sound of “I don’t give a shit” This Monday I picked my semi cranky kid up from kindergarten. There is nothing strange about her being cranky, most 1.5 year olds are when it is around dinner time. They...Read More »

Noob Mom

I hate being called a noob. I take gaming and everything else I do very seriously and I always do everything I can to do a good job. I want to be the best! The same goes for being a mom, although of course I can never be the best mom...Read More »

But the Tactic says.....!!

Have you ever been in a raid where the raid leader is well into assigning tasks, when someone says “that is not how we do it in my guild” or “the tactic says…”? In Vanilla WoW I was in a newbie guild. We were passionate about raiding, but we were inexperienced and...Read More »

Casual Games for Hardcore Gamers #2

The second game I will recommend for parents with too little game time is Defender’s Quest. Before I start talking about the game, let me just say that I have spent waaaaay too much time on playing Bloons, Kingdom Rush and other tower defense games. That being said, there is...Read More »

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