Geeky baby cups and bowls

Picture courtesy of Amazon

My little daughter just turned 6 months and that means it is time to start feeding her solids. (Or purees at least). The childrens health consultant told me, that it is a great idea to introduce a cup of water with each spoonfed meal to start a good habbit for my child. She also adviced against using cups with straws or spouts as it is better for the child to learn to drink from a real cup immediately.

Well my kid can’t just drink of any ol’ cup and eat from a normal bowl, that would be boring so I went looking for a geeky, yet cute version of the two mealtime regulars. Let me tell you, finding a geeky twist on dinnerware for a baby is not an easy feat.

In the end I stumbled upon thise cute superhero cups by French Bull. I love them because there is nothing quite as geeky as superheroes and at the same time the design and artwork is super cute. I especially love the pink heart hero with her(?) superpower being hugs. If you are more into Robots or Monsters, they have 4 different cups featuring those instead so there is quite a bit of choice.

Picture courtesy of Amazon

The best part is that you can also get matching bowls and plates. This is really cool as it means the awesome monsters, heroes or robots can follow your kid all the way through childhood or at least as

long as the dinnerware lasts or the child find it cute rather than embarrassing.

To my big disappointment, I have been unable to locate the cups, bowls and plates on any of the EU Amazon sites, but if you are lucky enough to live in the USA then go ahead and check out these cool cups and bowls for your little geek.

In Europe we can instead look into being video game nerdy at mealtime with an Angry Bird dinnerware set and that is not too shabby either for the heir of a gamer geek like me.

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