Hearthstone invitation

Geeky 1 Year Old Birthday Invitations

Hearthstone invitation
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My mini geek is turning 1 year in April and I want to celebrate it with style. But first things first, I needed to find some amazing nerdy invitations. It has actually been harder than I first expected to find something I think is cool.

Hearthstone theme for first birthday

One idea I had was the Hearthstone card invitation you see to the left. I created it using a hearthstone card generator and a picture of my daughter. The great thing with that invitation is that it is easy to send it out online and if you have a good printer it is also no big deal to send them as actual cards.

I’m pretty obsessed with Hearthstone at the moment and since my daughter has no demands yet I thought that would be a great theme for a party. For Hearthstone Party decor you could print the cards and create¬† pennant banners. There are tons of cool Hearthstone themed cakes on the Internet so food would be easily covered. Like this Hearthstone box cake or these easy Hearthstone Cupcakes.flat,800x800,070,f


Super Hero comic book party

I think Marvel and DC Comics are amazing and a comic book theme is quite fitting for a baby birthday. I was looking at two different invitations. The first one is the really cute card to the left with all our favourite super heroes as children. I love it because the theme fits very well with a tiny geeks first birthday and it will for certain be a unique invitation. On the other hand it is not very obvious that it is a birthday party invitation.

The other option was an invitation created by Anders Ruff. It is a comic book styled invitation which gets customized for your particular party.

It is really cool and for sure not something you will see again. On Ruff’s website you can also find everything from comic book themed cake toppers to decor, labels and coloring pages for party entertainment, but most of that is probably wasted on a 1 year old toddler.

Have you come up with some creative, geeky birthday party invitations? Share your idea with us!





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