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SuperclothesWhile there are some cool geeky baby items on the market, they are still rather rare and it can be hard to find a nerdy present that is unique. I have spent many a sleepless night with my newborn feeding her with one arm and browsing for awesome geeky baby stuff with the other.

There are so many options to geek up your life with a little one. The most obvious one is probably geeky baby clothes and this site will for certain feature a ton of cute nerdy outfits.

However, there are also a great deal of toys and decorations that works well when you or your friends/family are blessed with a mini geek.

This site is where I share what I find, buy or dream of. You could say that it is kind of an extended geeky baby giftguide. I hope my recommendations can help other geeky parents fill their nursery with nerdy stuff or that this helps friends and family purchase just the right geeky babyshower present.

Top 5 geeky gifts for 2 year old (Updated for 2018)

When my daughter was 2 years old I had the good fortune to decide what she wished for as she still couldn’t properly formulate what she wanted for Christmas. It meant that I got to write the below wishlist for a geeky toddler (and her parents). I imagine it will...Read More »

The perfect Fallout 4 gift for your boyfriend

I like to believe that one of the benefits for being in a relationship with a fellow geek is that insight into nerddom and the ability to buy amazing birthday presents that only someone else in immersed in nerdiness will understand the full awesomeness of. Fallout 4 is coming out and...Read More »

Birthday Wishlist for a 1 Year Old Geek

My daughter is turning 1 in April and I have been struggling whenever a family member of friend has asked what she wishes for her birthday. I finally compiled a list that I will share with you. I really wanted everything to be super geeky, but unfortunately a lot of the...Read More »

Geeky 1 Year Old Birthday Invitations

Copyright My mini geek is turning 1 year in April and I want to celebrate it with style. But first things first, I needed to find some amazing nerdy invitations. It has actually been harder than I first expected to find something I think is cool. Hearthstone theme for first birthday One...Read More »

First Christmas Present for a Geeky Baby

Which present should I as a geeky parent buy for my little babys first Christmas? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot as December nears. There are so many awesome gadgets and toys out there that it is hard to pick and at the same time,...Read More »

Geeky baby cups and bowls

Picture courtesy of Amazon My little daughter just turned 6 months and that means it is time to start feeding her solids. (Or purees at least). The childrens health consultant told me, that it is a great idea to introduce a cup of water with each spoonfed meal to start a...Read More »

Geeky Dragon Baby Comforter

I am a geeky parent and if it was up to me all the toys and baby accessories of my little baby would be geeky as well. It can be hard to find nerdy baby items though and that is why I get so happy when I stumble upon cool...Read More »

Star Wars baby costumes

First Halloween with my baby girl means finding a geeky costume that will fit a 6 month old. Since nothing says geek more than Star Wars I went looking for outfits that would make my little one look like one of the characters from the epic movies. I found not only...Read More »

3 Amazing Computer Game Inspired Baby Onesies

Gamers like merchandise that highlights how nerdy they are. That does not change when you become a parent, it just gives you yet another canvas to express your geekiness on. Here I have collected 3 fantastic baby onesies that screams geek. Whether you are looking for a present for a nerdy...Read More »

Top 5 Comic Book Baby Onesies

If you are looking for comic book themed baby clothes, you have arrived at the right article. Combining something practical like baby clothes with something cool like comic books is a win/win idea for a baby shower present for new nerdy parents. Here I have collected the 5 most awesome comic...Read More »

Geeky baby blanket

Some of the best presents I received when I was expecting my baby girl was blankets. I completely underestimated how often a blanket comes in handy when you have a little baby and how often you will need to wash them. As a geek I would have loved being gifted...Read More »

Present for the Scientist Baby

This is a really cool gift for geeky parents who would like to ensure that their offspring becomes as geeky as themselves. The cards covers everything from Atoms over Neurons and also includes Binary for the IT crowd. In honesty these geeky flash cards are probably more a present for the parents...Read More »

Geeky Baby Dragon Mobile

Picture courtesy of Amazon My daughter has just turned 3 months and I have been on the lookout for some cool geeky toys for a 3 month old baby. I have read that mobiles are really great for the hand/eye coordination, but although a lot of the baby mobiles you can get...Read More »

Geek Up Baby Meal Time

Picture courtesy of Amazon Recently one of the guys I’ve played MMOs with in the past had a child with his geeky partner. I spent some time looking for the perfect geeky baby present for them. I know his interests, but I was more unsure about which geekdom his wife is into so...Read More »

Comic Book Onesies

I stumbled upon these really cool comic book hero onesies while looking for a nerdy pacifier. Don’t ask me how I got there, but suddenly I sat staring at a Batman outfit for babies. My little girl is totally cool with wearing Batman, but when I looked at what other...Read More »