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The perfect Fallout 4 gift for your boyfriend

I like to believe that one of the benefits for being in a relationship with a fellow geek is that insight into nerddom and the ability to buy amazing birthday presents that only someone else in immersed in nerdiness will understand the full awesomeness of.

Fallout 4 is coming out and no one is more excited about it than my boyfriend. In fact I know I will see little of him the rest of the year, but as a fellow geek I understand. In fact I wanted to support him and buy him an amazing Fallout themed birthday present to enjoy while gaming.

The perfect gift for a Fallout fan popped into my Facebook feed. Besthesda and Carlsberg has teamed up in an apocalyptic union to create a limited edition Fallout Beer.

I wanted to buy this for my boyfriend so badly as I know he would love it. In fact he might love it so much that these beer would never be consumed, but instead join our expo of other cool game related merchandise.

Unfortunately my dreams came to a sudden end, as these are not shipped outside of the UK. I guess I can pick up a single one on eBay for ten times the price in a few weeks, but I don’t think I will fall for that. So if you live in the UK. Consider yourself blessed and go get a case of Fallout Beer for the geek in your life. (You can pre-order the Fallout 4 beer already).


As for my boyfriend, he had to make do with this present instead.

graphic card for 3 screens



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