Geeky Dragon Baby Comforter

Dragon ComforterI am a geeky parent and if it was up to me all the toys and baby accessories of my little baby would be geeky as well. It can be hard to find nerdy baby items though and that is why I get so happy when I stumble upon cool stuff like this Dragon Comforter.

My baby girl loves comforters and she has an awesome one that we received as a present for her namegiving day. There is only one problem with it. It is not geeky, it has a cute bear on it, but my nerdy heart needs something more than teddies.

Picture courtesy of Amazon

Thats why I just recently purchased this little wonder of a comforter. Dragons are the essence of roleplaying geeky and as such it makes for a great gift for RPG and fantasy fans. Or in my case a neat little present for my mini geek.

I purchased the dragon comforter in the picture to the left and my daughter loves it. The green fabric is really soft, while the fabric on the belly,  horns, feet and hands is a bit more textured to the touch. It is really nice that there are so many small details. Not just because it makes the comforter cuter, but also because my daughter at almost 6 months old has become fascinated with exploring things that require a bit finer motorskills.

She is absolutely fascinated by labels and the appendages on the dragon are very like labels in size. She can spend minutes at a time using her tiny fingers to grab at the horns and wings or even better explore the knots that makes up the hands and feet.

If you are a looking for an early christmas present or for a geeky baby shower gift that will be used and loved, then this dragon comforter is a great choice. Unfortunately I have not been able to find it on the US Amazon, however there is another dragon blanket puppet available there, which is also super cute. See the picture to the right.

You can click through to purchase the dragon comforters by clicking the pictures.



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