Geeky baby blanket

Some of the best presents I received when I was expecting my baby girl was blankets. I completely underestimated how often a blanket comes in handy when you have a little baby and how often you will need to wash them. As a geek I would have loved being gifted this blanket with its clever play on the periodic table.

Any nerdy science couple will love to swaddle their little one in a blanket that shows their geeky side. Not only is this a cool present for the parents, but it is also a great gift for the mini geek. The bright green colors is certain to grab the attention of the little one and keep them mesmerized for a time and who knows the message may just rub off on them.

Baby blankets are a popular gift for new parents and for a good reason. They are handy for just about anything. They can be used to swaddle the baby or it can be spread on the floor as a play area for the geeky baby.
While you may not be the only one that shows up to a baby shower with a blanket, you will very likely be the only one that shows up with a present this unique and fitting for a nerdy mom or dad to be.

This blanket is also a great piece of geeky baby stuff to buy if you are looking for a special piece of equipment to purchase yourself to showcase your personality through your baby gear. You can purchase the “Genius Periodic System Baby Blanket” by clicking the picture or the link here.

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