Geek Up Baby Meal Time

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Recently one of the guys I’ve played MMOs with in the past had a child with his geeky partner.

I spent some time looking for the perfect geeky baby present for them.
I know his interests, but I was more unsure about which geekdom his wife is into so in the end I settled on the Star Trek bib and spoon featured to the left.

The reason it is a great gift if you are unsure about the exact type of geek your friends are, is that it is perfect crossover present. Not only is it an amazing gift for Star Trek fans, it is also a neat present for the biggest group of nerd; the gadget lover.

The spoon is shaped like the USS Enterprise and the bib has motion detectors so when you move the spoon near the bib the lights on the bib will activate. This is of course a great way to make your baby excited about meal time, but it is also a great way of engaging geeky parents and making the task of feeding the mini geek even more fantastic.

In short, this bib makes meal time into play time for both the little nerd and the parents.

My friends loved the gift and can’t wait for their mini geek to grow big enough to use it so if you are looking for a great crossover gift for Star Trek nerds or gadget geeks then this is the perfect choice.
Buy the Star Trek bib and Spoon here.

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