Present for the Scientist Baby

This is a really cool gift for geeky parents who would like to ensure that their offspring becomes as geeky as themselves.

The cards covers everything from Atoms over Neurons and also includes Binary for the IT crowd.

In honesty these geeky flash cards are probably more a present for the parents than it is for the child, but the pictures look cute and clean and if “read” out loud to a baby they will probably be a success. Remember that for the first many months of a babys life, it doesn’t really matter what you say to it, rather that you talk to it extensively and these cards will allow the geeky parents to “discuss” their nerdy hobby and passion with their child.

The great things about this geeky science baby gift is that it will likely be an interesting way to initiate conversations of geeky nature with a child later on as well.

I can imagine sitting with a curious 5 year old looking over the cards and explaining what binary and atoms are.

In short, I think this would be a great investment as a geeky parent and if you are on the lookout for a gift for a nerdy couple and their child, then this is a unique idea that will be of use and bring joy for a long time!

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