Geeky Baby Dragon Mobile

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My daughter has just turned 3 months and I have been on the lookout for some cool geeky toys for a 3 month old baby.

I have read that mobiles are really great for the hand/eye coordination, but although a lot of the baby mobiles you can get are super cute, I had not found any I really liked. I needed a true Geek Baby Mobile.

Finally I came across this awesome dragon mobile. Since the age of 8, when my mom first read The Hobbit to me, I have been a total fantasy nerd and I really, really love dragons.

This baby dragon mobile works well as a gift too. It is not too expensive and whether the parents are Game of Thrones fans, DragonLance readers or just RPG geeks, this will stand out as a unique gift when everyone else are gifting cute outfits. (although I must admit, you can never have too many cute outfits either. Mini geeks drool a lot!)

Before adding this to my “must have” list, I read through the reviews of the mobile and people are generally really happy with it. The only complaint is that the material is not as sturdy as it could be and as such you have to be careful when you assemble the mobile to not put dents in the coloring of the dragons. On the other hand people are saying that it is quite easy to assemble so with a little care that shouldn’t be a problem I would assume.

The mobile is available to buy both from the UK Amazon and from the US Amazon and for once we Europeans get it a bit cheaper. So if you live in the US and wants this awesome dragon mobile it might be worth it to put it on the wishlist for your UK friends if you have any (The price may change in the future though so this may not hold up).

Either way the dragon mobile is something I can totally see myself shell out money for as I think my little daughter will enjoy it once she sees it and as for the geeky parents… we are already sold.

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