Trials and Tribulations of a non closet geek

Sheep the moon

Today I learned a new term. “Closet Geek”. Apparently there are some people who are so embarrassed that they enjoy reading/watching stories about elves and dragons that they will keep this secret from everyone except their partners in crime.

Imagine that! Instead of owning up to having spent their Saturday and Sunday gathering brooms in Skyrim, they come up with lame lies when their coworkers asks about their weekend Monday morning. I have never been anything, but proud and loud about my geekiness. (And a good thing too because I would not know what my cover story would be. What do “normal” people do in their spare time?)

I am however facing kind of the opposite problem. I used to work in a gaming company where people who didn’t game was looked upon with puzzled amusement and there of course people would get even the most obscure geeky references. Now however, I work in an office full of amazing and lovely people who whoever sadly all have a nerd factor of minus 15 or less. I am loudly broadcasting the fact that I am a geek, but when I write “Orly” people think I can’t spell and when I recently bought these matching T-shirts for me and my daughter, people assumed they were a reference to a lullaby. Sigh! 🙁

Sheep the moon baby t-shirt
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