Top 5 geeky gifts for 2 year old (Updated for 2018)

When my daughter was 2 years old I had the good fortune to decide what she wished for as she still couldn’t properly formulate what she wanted for Christmas. It meant that I got to write the below wishlist for a geeky toddler (and her parents). I imagine it will come in handy for others buying presents for nerdy parents and their tiny ones so I decided to share these great gift ideas.


1. RPG dollhouse

The first geek toy for toddlers is a dollhouse, but shaped like a castle! It is something I would have loved as a kid for sure and I know my daughter will adore it. I do wish it was a little less pink. A bit more Roleplaying game feel to it and a bit less pretty princess, but that can be remedied with a couple of dragon and knights toys.

2. Foam Dice Set For Toddlers

At 2 year old daughter loved dice. I mean she looooved them. She had obviously seen mommy and daddy play games with them and that is part of the fascination, but I think toddlers in general just really like rolling dice.

The great thing about this particular dice set is that they are made of foam and big enough that you should not have to worry about choking dangers if your child still likes to gobble up everything they get to hold. Get your tiny geek started on pen&paper roleplaying games like D&D at the age of two, or at least get them hooked on dice rolling at an early age.

3. Books for geeky babies

Reading to your toddler is one of the best gifts you can give them and if you are anything like me you always find it super enjoyable to have a little warm bundle on your lap while going through your childhood classics. However 2 year olds tend to like the same books repeated over and over and over again and at some point. That is why it is awesome that there are some cool and geeky books that are also interesting for the parents to read. One of these is Darth Vader and Son.

Your son or daughter might not follow the jokes and references in the book at 2 years old, but the inside Star Wars jokes will probably have you or the geeky parents roaring with laughter. The pictures are nice and a good amount of the characters are depicted making this a great way to introduce your child to the Star Wars universe.

4. Cute toddler t-shirt for Magic the Gathering Fans

After 2 years old children start growing slightly slower and by that I mean that they sometimes get to wear an outfit more than once before it is too small for them. This means that cheap identical babygrows can be exchanged for slightly better quality T-shirts without feeling too bad about dumping a bit more money on the clothes. This particular T-shirt is pretty amazing if you are buying it as a present for the mom or dad who are fans of MTG.

It is geeky, but still cute and your toddler will adore the pink My Little Pony character.  If you are buying a present for a toddler of geeky parents who for unknown reasons do not enjoy Magic the Gathering, you can still find some really cool geeky t-shirts for toddlers here.

My little pony plays mtg


5. Video game wall decoration for toddlers

Another educational gift that doubles as awesome is this video game alphabet. With it you can both teach your toddler the alphabet and have a great talk about video game history something that is almost as important as learning the foundation for reading.

A good way of using this could be to introduce the letter, then let the tiny one play a couple of minutes of the game that depicts them. Unfortunately Angry Birds starts of the Alphabet and considering how addictive the game is, you may not ever get further.

Video game alphabet wall decoration


You may have noticed that a lot of these presents are equally awesome for the parents of the geeky 2-year old. That is because you will most likely get away with it this year as the kid is going to find all of these items fascinating. But enjoy it while it last, in 2019 the geeky presents will probably be a lot more interesting to your child than to you.



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