Star Wars baby costumes

Baby vaderFirst Halloween with my baby girl means finding a geeky costume that will fit a 6 month old. Since nothing says geek more than Star Wars I went looking for outfits that would make my little one look like one of the characters from the epic movies.

I found not only one, but multiple Star Wars costumes for babies which is making it hard to choose. I think I prefer the Darth Vader baby onesie as I think capes are super cute. Also ever since hearing Eddie Izzards Star Wars cantina joke, I have felt that Vader is more adorable than scary.

The baby Darth Vader costume comes with a romper that decorated like the sith lords armor. Unlike said armor this one is buttoned at the legs for easy diaper access. You also get a snap on cape that can conveniently be removed for naptime and you get a little headpiece to complete the tiny Vader look. This outfit also doubles as a great “gag” gift for a Star Wars fan parents-to-be and is available in sizes fitting 0-6 month old babies and toddlers. You can click the image to check sizes and further information.

baby chewyIf you do not want your little one to join the dark side, you could always go for this baby chewy costume. You get the headpiece, onesie, sash and pouch enabling you to transform your droolmonster to everyones favorite wookie. This is a great outfit both because it is cute and nerdy, but also because your baby will be totally in character all day as he/she is probably already talking like Chewbacca.

This is not as practical a costume as the Vader one, because although there is underleg snap closure to make diaper changing easy, it is not an outfit that I would feel comfortable putting my baby down for a nap in. It is adorable though and if you are just looking for a costume for some cool, geeky halloween photos of the entire family, then this would be a great choice.Baby Yoda

Yoda has always been one of my favorite characters in Star Wars. He is just cute and cool at the same time and now your baby can be the same with this awesome costume.

You get the adorable little green eared hat and the white jedi robe when buying this outfit. When Halloween is over the robe can probably still be used to snuggle in on colder days.

Also a great gift for expecting Star Wars fans if you are looking for something unique to give as a present. Have a Yoda outfit you must!


These are just a couple of the cool Star Wars costumes available. You could also dress your baby up as R2D2, Princess Leia and much, much more. Happy Star Wars nerdy Halloween.


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