First Christmas Present for a Geeky Baby

Which present should I as a geeky parent buy for my little babys first Christmas? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot as December nears. There are so many awesome gadgets and toys out there that it is hard to pick and at the same time, if I am completely honest with myself, the present will be more for the parents as my little girl is mostly excited about the wrapping paper at the moment.

With that in mind I have picked 3 gifts that are great if you are shopping for unique presents for a geeky baby and its parents and which I currently have on my mini nerds Christmas wishlist.

Dragon Sorting Box

The first thing I am looking for is boxes. My little girl is starting to have a healthy collection of toys and without some sort of system our home could easily start looking like a daycare for 30 small kids. I am currently using clear plastic boxes for all her toys, but they are quite boring.

This box would be perfect for my daughters toys. Not only is it a super cute design, it is also deliciously geeky with the dragon motif. The block of colour is great as well as I am sure my daughter would enjoy looking and poking the dragon.

Finally I like the size of this box. 13″ is perfect for a child that is just starting to pull up and learn to stand. Obviously it will require a hand on the box to keep it from tipping, but with the height of this box it fosters curiosity as the baby wont be able to see all the toys inside it without getting up in standing position.

I am certain that my little daughter would love this nerdy fantasy addition to her nursery and as for the parent? It may make it a bit more fun to pick up the toys in the evening.

Books, books, geeky baby booksMy Little Geek ABC Book

I love reading, it is one of the many ways I escape into the magical world of wookies, wizards and vampires. I want my daughter to love reading too and the best way to achieve that is to read to her. I also believe that if I am personally enjoying the book, then she will enjoy it even more. While I fully believe that regular books with pictures of dogs that say woof and elephants that says tuuut are important, they also get very boring, very quickly. To spice it up I have added a bunch of geeky books to my wishlist that I hope I will be reading to my daughter after christmas.

On the list is amongst other My Little geek ABC which can be seen to the right. A book that will teach your little one that J is for Joystick is something that fits our little geeky family perfectly, because lets face it, she will see a Joystick before she sees an elephant. I am also wishing for Experimenting with babies (a book that lets you test your babies ability to interact and understand the world around him/her) and html of babies a book that will probably end up teaching me more than my daugther, but with the bright colors I am sure she will enjoy my schooling and hey, maybe we can build a website together in the future.

There are plenty more nerdy baby books out there to get, but for this Christmas I kept the list rather short.

Geeky baby clothes.

If you had asked me 1 month ago whether I would be wishing for clothing for my daugther for Christmas I would have said no. She was swimming in baby clothes, but she has just hit a growth spurt and nothing seems to be fitting anymore. Baby clothes is always a great Christmas present, but if you are buying for someone elses child, make sure that you purchase one size bigger than she is currently fitting. It allows better planning in terms of clothes shopping and it means the clothes can be worn longer which is ideal when you have spent money on some cool and cute geeky outfits for the baby.

Personally I am in love with the companion cube baby grow from Jinx that you can see to the left. I loved the portal games and the companion cube was almost as huggable as my little daughter. (almost!). I also rather like this onesie showing the Marvel Comic Book heroes when they were kids. (poor Batman 🙁 ). Finally I find this baby version of Legolas super cute and would love for my daugther to wear it. There are a ton of really cool and nerdy baby wear and I have a couple of lists up of other neat clothing here on the site.

So that is my wishlist for this year. I have had a ton of fun looking at all the neat stuff that you can get a baby of 8 months, but I must admit that I am looking forward to the time when all the wishlist will say is LEGO. 😉




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