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I stumbled upon these really cool comic book hero onesies while looking for a nerdy pacifier. Don’t ask me how I got there, but suddenly I sat staring at a Batman outfit for babies. My little girl is totally cool with wearing Batman, but when I looked at what other customers had viewed and saw the tiny Supergirl onesie I was sold.

I ordered a pair of both so she can dress up to beat the bad guys even when one of the outfits are in the wash.

When they arrived I was happy to see that the quality of the fabric and the sewing seems decent enough. They have been washed multiple times now with no fading or tear of the seams. So far so good.

The capes are what makes both these onesies amazing and both of them are fitted to the outfit with buttons on the shoulders. This is smart design as it means you can just unattach the cape when your little one needs a nap. That way you do not have to worry about the baby getting tangled or worse strangled in the cape.

The buttons differ between the two onesies. For the Supergirl one, they are click buttons and for the batmanone old fashioned buttons. Both work well, although I prefer the clicky buttons as they are a bit less fidly especially if you are trying to attach the cape when the outfit is worn by a wriggly baby.

So far I am very happy with these two comic book themed superhero babygrows. The only complaint I have is that the outfits gets quite wrinkled, especialle the skirt of the Supergirl onesie could do with being ironed before use, but this is a minor annoyance and if you do not care about a few wrinkles on your baby clothes, then it is a nonissue.

The logos are sewn on and for the batman one the seam shows at the inside which means it may annoy the skin of your baby if they are sensitive. This can easily be avoided by making them wear a shirt or onesie underneath. If it is cold where you live you may want to do that anyway as both outfits have short sleeves. The Supergirl babygrow has a piece of cloth sewn over the seam to avoid any annoyance to the skin of your baby.

Below you can see some pictures of the features of the outfits, including the capes and the super cute mini skirt for the Supergirl onesie.





supergirl3supergirl5 supergirl4

You can also purchase these if you are living in Europe from the UK Amazon. Click here for the Batman Romper and here for the Supergirl Romper.

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