Birthday Wishlist for a 1 Year Old Geek

My daughter is turning 1 in April and I have been struggling whenever a family member of friend has asked what she wishes for her birthday.

I finally compiled a list that I will share with you. I really wanted everything to be super geeky, but unfortunately a lot of the stuff that is really great for toddlers, does not come in a geeky version. I have listed the top 5 gifts that my 1 year old geek “wants” even if they do not come in a geeky version. If you have seen one of the non geeky items in a geeky version, please share it in the comment section below. 🙂

Okay, on to the wishlist!



I am not one of those people who spent my entire pregnancy running around, fixing a nusery (I was way too busy getting my last undisturbed gaming sessions in) and I am glad I didn’t because I would not have been able to let my daughter sleep further away from me than a couple of meters. I do think though, that in her second year she should go in her own room so both of us can sleep better, but that means it is time to create a geeky childrens room. I love these Pac-Man decals and I think they will look super cute on the wall.

I know that this book will mainly be for mom and dad some time yet, but I just love the drawing, style and content. I read this one, but the first book in the series “My little geek” which goes through the entire alphabet is amazing using knights, mages and ninjas to teach the letters. I am sure the Nerdy numbers will not let me or my daughter down.

I also have this vain hope that it will lay down a foundation for her learning math so she can pursue that rocket science or programmer career her mother never got.

I have searched and searched, but it seems that there isn’t any really geeky stacking rings towers our there. I would have loved a Tolkien themed stacking ring tower with all the rings of the humans, dwarves, elves, and the one ring at the top. Or just a tower where the pictures on the rings came from a video game or a comic book, but I found no such thing. The closest I got was the tower you see to the left and it is kinda growing on me. It kinda looks like a monster and that is quite cool. From a more general mom perspective it is also cool that it has all the different textures and small flaps that I know my little girl will just love to practice her pincer grasp on.

Sure I typed in Dragon Rocking Horse in Amazon, but I did not expect to find anything near as awesome as this. (I didn’t actually expect to find anything). This is the perfect gift for babies with parents who have played pen and paper, RPGs on the computer or read fantasy book.

My baby is going to ride her trusty dragon into “battle” like Huma in the Dragon Lance series. It is such a cute rocker and I bet my little girl will love to play with it. It states 2 years on the product description, but I don’t intend to let her play with it unsupervised and then I think she will be okay. Then I just need to be able to afford this Play Castle for when she gets a bit older, then she is set for a fantasy world.

  • Geeky Long Sleeved Babygrows

I love babygrows, they just make diaper change so much easier because of the buttons at the bottoms. Summer is coming, but you can still never get too many long sleeved babygrows for those chilly spring evenings and summer nights. Here are a couple of babygrows I am hoping my daughter will receive for her 1 year birthday.


The Fellowship Babygrow
Calvin and Hobbes meets Game of Thrones









WoW Mage Tier 2 Armor Babygrow
Pokemon and Jon Snow Baby Grow









Let us see if we get any of the items on the wish list. I have some pretty geeky friends so there is a chance! 🙂 Have you received geeky gifts for your kids?

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