7 cool Halloween Costumes for Geeky Toddlers

Next month it will be time to celebrate the second Halloween with my tiny troll and I have been window shopping for costumes for some time now. Last year I got all excited about Star Wars baby costumes, so this year I figured I would look at characters from comic books, geeky TV series, video games and the world of fantasy and I have not been disappointed.

Below is my 7 favorite outfits for a child aged 1 to 2.

First up is tTMNT Leonardo Toddler Costumehis Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles costume with which you can dress your toddler up as the coolest of the 4 TMNTs Leonardo. Why is he the coolest you ask? Because he is the one wielding the 2 ninjagos and if that is not badass, then I don’t know what is!

Unless your child is quite a bit older than mine, you probably want to stick with the costume and leave the deadly weapons for a bit later, but even without accessories, this is a cool looking outfit.

Drawbacks, well first of all my tiny geek does not keep headgear on for every long so it will be limited how long she will be recognized as Leonardo specifically. On top of that those feet does not look to be non slide which means it may not be the best pick for a balance challenged baby like mine. On the other hand it is padded on, elbows, knees and the entire back, so maybe it is a non-issue 😉Superman

Either way, it is super cute and if you are just looking for a costume for the geeky family photo shoot then this could be pretty awesome.

If you for some reason do not prefer Leonardo, you can find the same costume, but with different color headband, but you wouldn’t be that crazy would you?


Next up we have yet another comic book hero although this time less Cowabunga and more Up, Up, Up and Away with this adorable Superman costume for toddlers. The best part of this outfit (apart from our little one being the cutest version of Clark Kent’s alter ego) is that it looks super comfortable and let’s face it, when looking to dress up your toddler, that really should be the number one priority.

This is basCaptain america toddler outfitically just a romper with a belt and logo stitched on an a detachable cape. Even more amazing, the leg part opens up for easy diaper changing and you know you will appreciate that! Only negative for this particular outfit is that it is recommended to hand wash it and as a busy geek with games to play, movies to watch and comic books to read, who has time for extra laundry? On the other hand seeing as it is a Halloween outfit and your kid is only going to fit into it for one season, maybe it is survivable.

From DC to Marvel the next outfit is also turning your tiny tod into a super hero. This time to Captain America. Here we have another costume that should be easy to wear for the mini hero and even though few people owned washing machines when Captain America grew up, this outfit does go into one, giving it a number of easy points. On the other hand without easy access to the diaper area the Captain America vs Superman fight is easily won by the Man of Steal.

Still a cute outfit though, especially if you can keep the hat on long enough to snap a couple of photos.

From the comic book past to the tv series future we turn your toddler into science officer Spock from Star Trek a full body Spock suit uniform accompanied with a headpiece to depict Spocks infamous haircut and ears. I am not sure I would call this outfit cute, but it definitely is a cult costume and if you are into Star Trek it is a no brainer for your little Vulcan. Again though, this outfit is missing the vital easy diaper access and unless your toddler is potty trained then change is the essential process of all existence.

If the entire family is dressing up as members of The Enterprise crew, then having a tiny Spock with you is without doubt a necessity.


Ghost Busters Toddler outfitI know, I know, this costumer doesn’t have an opening for diaper change either and the feet on the romper seems slippery and easy to glide in for a toddler who has just learned to run, but, but, but, this is a Ghostbusters outfit folks. This gives you the chance to dress your tiny one up as a character from a movie released when you, yourself was just a toddler. Mind blown! (okay this only works if you are as old as me, but hey I will keep my disillusion that I am not an old parent, thank you very much!)

Apart from being a cool outfit you can also use it in case your baby has bigger siblings who are afraid of ghosts. Who ya gonna call?


From the future and the paranormal to the realm of fantasy. If you have a child with a temperament like mine, the idea of her or him breathing fire is not too far fetched and what would be more fitting then, than dressing them up as Dragon costume for toddlersdragon.

There are several dragon costumes on the marked, but of them all I like this one the best. It allows your child to run barefoot or with normal shoes and it is super cool looking. Sure it is lacking wings (no real fantasy dragon would be seen dead or alive without wings), but the stuffed tail and the dragon head hood with super long eyelashes makes up for this. If your tod will keep this outfit on, they will be looking awesome at the Halloween party.


The last costume on the list is a bit different. It is a DYI Link outfit and you can find the entire article on how to create the same look here.  Hey! Listen! I won’t go into details on why this is definitely the most amazing Halloween costumer ever made for a geeky toddler. I will just leave you with this video and you can judge for yourself.

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