3 Amazing Computer Game Inspired Baby Onesies

gameronesiesGamers like merchandise that highlights how nerdy they are. That does not change when you become a parent, it just gives you yet another canvas to express your geekiness on. Here I have collected 3 fantastic baby onesies that screams geek.

Whether you are looking for a present for a nerdy friend or for a geeky present for yourself and your little family, these babygrows should fit the bill.

As a gamer myself I would love to dress my little girl up in any of these cool outfits.



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Im Geeky and I Know it

This babygrow features easily recognizable items or icons from several different computer games. There are also a few nods to popular nerd shows, books or movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Star Wars.

If you know someone that can not get enough of the Portal games or who has caught them all in Pokemon, then this onesie will be perfect for their offspring.

The fact that the design covers geek culture in general is a plus as most computer nerds will likely also be part of the broader geek society.


A – Z of 8-bit video games

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This cute little baby outfit features the alphabet through oldschool video games.

I love the creativity and the nostalgia of the decoration. While I haven’t played all of these games myself, I know most of them and which nerd would not like to be reminded of Bomberman, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and Tetris whenever they looked at their little one?

This onesie plays right into the heart of the 8 bit gamer generation and should excite all geeky parents.

It will also be an awesome way to teach older siblings the alphabet.



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 Choose Your Hero

Have you ever played Half Life? Most geeks probably have. What about Halo? Metal Gear Solid? Assassins Creed?

Want to have your little mini geek showcase the heroes from the video games you rock at? Then this is the onesie for you (or for a nerdy friend of yours.)

If you are part of a Halo or CS clan then this could be a really cool present should you ever need a baby shower present for any of the members.

The design is simple and leans on the retro style of oldschool pixalated games, but the characters are still very recognizable to any geek worth their salt.


All of these onesies comes in different colors and styles so if you are interested in shortsleeved versions or baby tees with these designs, you can get that as well.

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