Noob Mom

I hate being called a noob. I take gaming and everything else I do very seriously and I always do everything I can to do a good job. I want to be the best!

The same goes for being a mom, although of course I can never be the best mom I can at least try to be on par with all you awesome mommies out there. Today though I made a total rookie mistake. Something that even non parents will shake their head at and begin a lecture about common sense over. Today you are at liberty to call me a newbie!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves and just introduce them by saying, this was my daughters first day in the nursery without me.

First outfit

This outfit had a run in with the lunch lasagna.

My daughter loved it, the outfit… not so much!

Second outfit

The cleanliness of the second outfit met an unfortunate demise in the sandbox.

The picture doesn’t do reality justice or maybe the dots are acting as camouflage?


Yes your eyes does not deceive you, I did indeed send my 1 year old to the nursery wearing white and yes in my infinite wisdom I had ensured that the clothes she had to change into was also white! If there was a Noob Mom award I think I would have a pretty good shot at it after today.


Please share if you have done something equally silly or maybe you want to boost me through the first couple of levels of the Mom class?

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