Casual games for hardcore gamers: Start of the series

Lots of GamesAs a new mom to a very demanding little human being finding time to game can be a challenge. When you are on call 24/7 your gaming ambitions needs to be toned down a bit. Before I had my child I played many hours a day and immersed myself in time consuming MMORPGs left and right. Now I have to be more selective with my time and it took me a while to find games that are good to play when you have a newborn, baby and soon to be toddler.

As I have had to do the research and since it took some trial and error to find great games to play I figured I would share my findings with you.

 When I decide on a game to recommend I score it on the following aspects:

Quick sessions

How long does it take to have a satisfactory gaming session. Anything beyond and hour is not really acceptable


Can you leave the game if your child wakes up and needs comfort?

Hiabernatable (yes I made that up!)

Do you have to log in on a regular basis to enjoy the game or can you leave it for a month and still have fun on your return?


You can find the first game here.






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