Link Cross Stitch Pattern – Zelda Muslin Cloth

Cross stitch Link closeup

What is the ultimate present to give geeky parents? I have been asking myself this question and have found that muslin cloth cross stitched with Link from the oldschool video game Legend of Zelda is a very good contestant for the title.

When you become a parent you realize that there is no such thing as too much muslin cloth and you will soon find your house buried in this droolcatching “must have” baby equipment.

Unfortunately for us geeks muslin cloth is usually either plain or decorate with cute, but non geeky motives. This is where your DYI genes comes in handy because here is the pattern and guide for making a super cool cross stitch decorated muslin cloth geeky gift package.

You will need:

This is a fairly easy project to do and depending on how many pieces of muslin cloth you want to decorate it can be really quick.

To create the decoration pick a corner of the muslin cloth and start with the shoes of Link. Make sure you start far enough to the left in the right corner to allow for his sword. The size can be a bit surprising.  Muslin cloth has very clear threads so in order to use it for cross stitching, simply decide on a number of threads that seems reasonable for you and use that for the entire piece. The thickness of the thread may vary, for me 5 seemed to be a good number, but it may differ on your cloth. Follow the pattern to the right and voila you have created your first piece of muslin cloth with a geeky decoration.

Depending on your skill level in cross stitching you can complete one of these in 30 minutes to 1 hour. Making a package of these as a present for a geeky baby shower can only be a winner and I promise you a nerdy mom will not only love these because they are super cool. She will also find them really usefull when her baby geek arrives.

For added utility ensure that the yarn is cotton and that the ends are very well secured. That way your video game decorated muslin cloth should even be able to handle the washing mashine. If you are feeling creative why not cross stitch different motives on each muslin cloth. Link on one, the Triforce on another, a crystal on a third and the life hearts on a fourth and so on and so forth? Subscribe to this blog as I intend to post more ideas for patterns of Zelda and other video game related cross stitched pieces of muslin clothes. For now I hope you enjoy this one.

Cross Stitch Link Muslin Cloth Gift

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