Crochet PacMan

Hanging Crochet PacmanIn an earlier article I showed how I had crocheted a PacMan Ghost and shared the recipe for it. But you can’t create the ghosts without also attempting to crochet PacMan himself. So I threw myself at the challenge. It turned out to be harder than expected to create that little hungry, pixalated cheese wheel, but in the end I came up with something that I am fairly happy with. It is however not perfect, so I might do another attempt and crochet a new version of PacMan at a later date.

For now though this will have to do. If you would like to create your own crochet PacMan then here is a small description of how I did.

For the body I followed this step by step guide to create a crochet ball until and including round 12. Then instead of going to round 13, I continued with 5 half rounds of single crochet stitches. After this I followed the steps for round 13-17 however only for half the rounds creating the open mouth of PacMan.

For the eyes I did 8 chain stitches and then continued creating single crochet stitches for one round. I used the end of the thread to attach them to the body.

I finished the project by creating 3 white dots. 2 small and one bigger to resemble the dots eaten by PacMan in the video game. The 2 small ones were created by 8 chain stiches and a round of single crochet stiches. The big one had two rounds of single crochet stitches. In hindsight it might have made sense to create a third round possibly with 2 stitches in each stitch just to make the dot significantly bigger than the small ones. I created the 3 dots from the same piece of thread sewing it through the dots before beginning the next one to create a straight line that I then attached to PacMan by pulling the thread through his body. This way I created a small PacMan mobile that I think my daughter will really appreciate due to the moving parts. Below you can see the bottom, side and top of the PacMan I crocheted.

Pacman BottomPacman SidePacman Top


I have a plan to create a bigger PacMan mobile including the crocheted ghosts and a surprise, secret element, but it will have to wait until I have a bit more time on my hands. Hopefully the result will come out as cool as I imagine. If you want to see my imaginary video game crochet creation come into fruition, make sure to bookmark this blog and check back from time to time! Until then you can enjoy this picture.

Crochet Pacman Final Picture





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