Crochet a PacMan Ghost

startwatermarkI only recently learned to crochet and I am hooked (pun definitely intended)! Unfortunately I am not very skilled yet, but I still want to start crocheting geeky plushies and items.
I was looking for video game characters that would be easy to crochet and I came up with the PacMan Ghosts.

When going through my yarn I realized that I didn’t have any that matched the color of the actual ghosts in PacMan and I really wanted to get started, so my ghosts ended up in slightly random colors. The great thing about this crocheting pattern however is that once you have it down, it is very easy and very quick to produce a ghost so as soon as I get hold of the real colors I can crochet actual replicas of the the video game version.

Until then though I will delight in my cute offcolor PacMan ghosts!

If you want to craft your own versions, here is a step by step recipe to create one of the PacMan Ghosts in Crochet. This is my first time writing a crocheting tutorial, so things may be unclear. If that is the case, please leave a comment below and I will attempt to clarify! 🙂

  • To start the ghost create a chain with 14 chain stiches. Crochet the ends together so yostart1watermarku get a ring and continue working around this with single crochet stiches using the middle hole rather than the loops to stitch into. In order to expand the ring without it crumbling up, make sure you make two stiches in each loop. Keep circling until the round piece is as big as you want the ghost to be. The ghost I made for this tutorial has 5 rings including the middle circle.
  • Now it is time to create the body of the ghost. To do this you keep circling with single stitches, but instead of doing 2 stiches in each loop, you only do one. This causes the circle to stop expanding and continuing this will create a sort of cupshaped piece as seen in the picture to the right. Continue until the body is as long as you like it. Mine is 10 rounds. Be aware that the legs will add a bit more lenght to the ghost.


  • pacman legsNext step is the legs. To create these you need to divide the body into quarters. Do this either by folding it or by counting stiches. At each quater pull in a piece of string to mark if off. Start the leg by doing a double stitch, then follow up by a triple stitch and do another double stitch after.

You can experiment with the stiches if you want the legs to be a bit longer than mine. Continue round the circle doing the three stiches at each quarter mark.
Next time around do the same, but at the triple stitch do 2 in the same loop to create a bit more leg.Finally do a third round with normal single crochet stitches to make the construction a bit tighter and durable.

pacman eye



  • Now for the eyes. Create another chain in blue yarn, this time with 6 stiches. Tie it together in a circle and crochet once around it with single stiches just like you did to start the body of the ghost. After you have gone a round take white yarn and crochet a round with that Remember that to expand you need to do 2 stiches in each loop. While going around work the ends of the blue and the start of the white yarn into the eye so it is not visible.


  • finishedghost

To finish off your ghost use the end of the white thread of the eyes to sew them on. Do the stitches at the inside of the body so they don’t show up at all.

You can place the eyes as you please, but try to make sure they are started off at the same  chain to avoid the ghost getting completely cross eyed.  I have 10 stitches between the top part of the eyes on this version.



Create multiple of these cute little crochet PacMan ghosts so they don’t get lonely. Wakawakawakawakawaka….



 All pictures and ideas copyright to do not share, use or distribute without permission.
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