DIY Baby Stuff

I love cDYI Pacman Ghost Plushierafting and creating. Everything from paper crafts to crocheting has my interest and had I more time my house would be filled with weird little nerdy projects.

When it comes to geeky baby gear and equipment this passion comes in handy because while more companies are starting to acknowledge that geeks can be parents too and that we love nerdy baby stuff, there are still a ton of things that is hard to come by in a geeky version.

This page is going to be all about my geeky Do It Yourself baby stuff projects. Stay tuned, because hopefully this section will help inspire you to start creating your own things for your little mini nerd.

Link Cross Stitch Pattern - Zelda Muslin Cloth

What is the ultimate present to give geeky parents? I have been asking myself this question and have found that muslin cloth cross stitched with Link from the oldschool video game Legend of Zelda is a very good contestant for the title. When you become a parent you realize that there...Read More »

Crochet PacMan

In an earlier article I showed how I had crocheted a PacMan Ghost and shared the recipe for it. But you can’t create the ghosts without also attempting to crochet PacMan himself. So I threw myself at the challenge. It turned out to be harder than expected to create that...Read More »

Crochet a PacMan Ghost

I only recently learned to crochet and I am hooked (pun definitely intended)! Unfortunately I am not very skilled yet, but I still want to start crocheting geeky plushies and items. I was looking for video game characters that would be easy to crochet and I came up with the PacMan...Read More »