Casual Games for Hardcore Gamers #2 4

The second game I will recommend for parents with too little game time is Defender’s Quest. Before I start talking about the game, let me just say that I have spent waaaaay too much time on playing Bloons, Kingdom Rush and other tower defense games. That being said, there is something incredibly zen over managing […]

Defenders Quest

Angry Gamer

8 things only gamer girls will understand the true annoyance of

I mainly play with friends I know IRL or friends of those friends and it is usually a good way to avoid douchebags, but once in a while you still run into them, whether it is in a random game of LoL or a pick up group in WoW. And it is always the same […]

Birthday Wishlist for a 1 Year Old Geek

My daughter is turning 1 in April and I have been struggling whenever a family member of friend has asked what she wishes for her birthday. I finally compiled a list that I will share with you. I really wanted everything to be super geeky, but unfortunately a lot of the stuff that is really […]

Pacman decal

Hearthstone invitation

Geeky 1 Year Old Birthday Invitations

My mini geek is turning 1 year in April and I want to celebrate it with style. But first things first, I needed to find some amazing nerdy invitations. It has actually been harder than I first expected to find something I think is cool. Hearthstone theme for first birthday One idea I had was […]

Casual Games for Hardcore Gamers #1

Unless you have lived in a place with no electricity you have probably heard about Blizzards online TCG which went live last friday.It is the first one on my list of games that can be played when you have a child under 1. The reason it is on the list is because like most of […]

Hearthstone Card Back

Lots of Games

Casual games for hardcore gamers: Start of the series

As a new mom to a very demanding little human being finding time to game can be a challenge. When you are on call 24/7 your gaming ambitions needs to be toned down a bit. Before I had my child I played many hours a day and immersed myself in time consuming MMORPGs left and […]

First Christmas Present for a Geeky Baby

Which present should I as a geeky parent buy for my little babys first Christmas? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot as December nears. There are so many awesome gadgets and toys out there that it is hard to pick and at the same time, if I am completely honest […]

Geeky baby cups and bowls

My little daughter just turned 6 months and that means it is time to start feeding her solids. (Or purees at least). The childrens health consultant told me, that it is a great idea to introduce a cup of water with each spoonfed meal to start a good habbit for my child. She also adviced […]

Geeky Dragon Baby Comforter

I am a geeky parent and if it was up to me all the toys and baby accessories of my little baby would be geeky as well. It can be hard to find nerdy baby items though and that is why I get so happy when I stumble upon cool stuff like this Dragon Comforter. […]

Dragon Comforter

Baby Yoda

Star Wars baby costumes

First Halloween with my baby girl means finding a geeky costume that will fit a 6 month old. Since nothing says geek more than Star Wars I went looking for outfits that would make my little one look like one of the characters from the epic movies. I found not only one, but multiple Star […]