2015’s Top 5 geeky gifts for 2 year old

My daughter will be 2 and a half by Christmas so she is still in that magical age where she can not fully phrase her wishes. This means that I am creating a wishlist for a geeky toddler (and her parents). I imagine it will come in handy for others buying presents for nerdy parents […]

My little pony plays mtg

graphic card for 3 screens

The perfect Fallout 4 gift for your boyfriend

I like to believe that one of the benefits for being in a relationship with a fellow geek is that insight into nerddom and the ability to buy amazing birthday presents that only someone else in immersed in nerdiness will understand the full awesomeness of. Fallout 4 is coming out and no one is more […]

Geek posters galore

My post today is not written as a geeky mom, but as the avid gamer I used to be (and still am at heart, even if time doesn’t allow me to express it). Today we started decorating our new apartment. While both of us are huge nerds, we also like things to look neat and […]

Video game posters - Deus Ex, Skyrim, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Legend of Zelda, Bioshock

Falling asleep while gaming

5 things gamer moms do even though they swore they never would 2

There is an old saying that goes something like this. “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. For the purpose of this article I would like to modify it to, “don’t judge a gamer mom until you have attempted to play through a video game while watching her toddler” […]

Heroes of the Storm Workout Routine

Do you want biceps like Baleog? Abs like Sonya or perhaps a firm behind like Kerrigan? Time to start following the HOTS workout plan below. Like most parents I have very limited me time. Whenever I magically happen upon some me-time. I have to chose between gaming and all the other things I want to […]


Sheep the moon

Trials and Tribulations of a non closet geek

Today I learned a new term. “Closet Geek”. Apparently there are some people who are so embarrassed that they enjoy reading/watching stories about elves and dragons that they will keep this secret from everyone except their partners in crime. Imagine that! Instead of owning up to having spent their Saturday and Sunday gathering brooms in […]

Me, me, me, me! A rant about individualism in gaming and real life 2

Lalalalala, I can’t hear you over the sound of “I don’t give a shit” This Monday I picked my semi cranky kid up from kindergarten. There is nothing strange about her being cranky, most 1.5 year olds are when it is around dinner time. They are hungry, tired and not in the mood to sit […]



7 cool Halloween Costumes for Geeky Toddlers

Next month it will be time to celebrate the second Halloween with my tiny troll and I have been window shopping for costumes for some time now. Last year I got all excited about Star Wars baby costumes, so this year I figured I would look at characters from comic books, geeky TV series, video […]

Noob Mom

I hate being called a noob. I take gaming and everything else I do very seriously and I always do everything I can to do a good job. I want to be the best! The same goes for being a mom, although of course I can never be the best mom I can at least […]

Question mark


But the Tactic says…..!!

Have you ever been in a raid where the raid leader is well into assigning tasks, when someone says “that is not how we do it in my guild” or “the tactic says…”? In Vanilla WoW I was in a newbie guild. We were passionate about raiding, but we were inexperienced and our guild lacked […]